Dehydration is a process which mildly heats the vegetables thereby removing nearly all of the water content.  In most cases, what starts out as 65-95% water ends as just 10-15% water.  Thanks to this natural and effective method, the freshness of seasonal vegetables can be enjoyed throughout the year.  Dehydration maintains the wholesome nutritional properties of the ingredients unlike other more complex industrial processes.  The natural dehydration of raw vegetables takes place slowly, preserving quality and taste until the dishes are prepared.  Our dehydration method eliminates the need for added salt or chemical preservatives. 


Since ancient times, farmers have known that simple exposure of their vegetables to sun and fresh air over a period of time results in a complete evaporation of the water content.  Although these methods are still practiced at home in countries with warm climates, they have largely been taken over by industrial methods which require less human labor.  Thankfully, you can still enjoy the goodness and authenticity of naturally dehydrated ingredients in our products without any preservatives, coloring or chemical flavor enhancers.